Muffins knocking back in town!!

Hi hi to all our pretty ladies and cute gals...What happened, you wondered? As promised, we took the time to sort out special yummy and quality ingredients and freshly stirred, whipped and baked them all together, just for you!!!
*Drum rolls* We now bring to you our latest delicious items: from our Artesse range bags and sling pouch to sweet & sassy tops, be it BF shirts or tube top, we have it all here!! :)
Start eyeing your favorite flavour n let us know what tickles your taste buds...

Have an enjoyable stroll, stay tuned and we'll keep the surprises coming! Look out for more postings in the next coming week. And yes, keep that sweet smile there babe, be happy and stay cool. *winkz*
mad huGs & lotsa love,
The Muffin Duo
~ now who says muffins can't shop? ~
1 muffin covered in caramel syrup n the other 1 licking her chocolate covered fingers...